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Squad Policing Schedule. This was released to the boys and girls in for next year click for larger version :. The way it is explained to us is there are only three day off groups - 61, 63, 65 or 62, 64, Certain start times are unique to the entire day off group. Sergeants will bid? This team will be on the same schedule except for furlough, which will still be bid by seniority. It's a disaster in the making. There are only two districts in the city that have a reasonable shot at making this succeed:. And the only reason it might succeed is because they have over officers per District.

The key to Squad Policing is over-staffing. Groot can't afford to overstaff and is hoping to bring the numbers down to something like Houston 8, or so. Strap in - it's going to be a bumpy year. Apply Today! The Police Board is looking for the latest stooge qualified applicants for Supernintendo :. Fully three-quarters of the job is answering the phone when Groot calls, kissing assorted "revrunds" asses, and falling on a sword upon request.

Thick skin a plus. More Shortfalls. Groot once again, fails basic economics :. Even Groot's own people can't tell how much less the city is collecting in fines and fees. All they know is it's less. And it's probably the fault of the police. Rules for Thee, Not for Me! How very very Blame the police for his failure to take the proper steps to renew and maintain a CCL.

e-book When All Else Fails... The war for the Windy City

Why aren't we surprised? Good Lord, Slow Down. It was warm and raining Thursday - and it showed :.

We're told this vehicle was wanted for a series of high profile crimes across the city. We're also told at least one of the occupants has been released by Crimesha on multiple occasions at a low-to-no-bail status for more than a few violent crimes. Best wishes to all the injured for quick recoveries. Get Behind the Vest. Late notice, but there's one more day left this week to get sized for a vest in the District. We're told interest has been spotty - it's a free vest people upgrades will cost a little bit.

You're supposed to replace it every five years or so.

Second City Cop

Stay tuned for a location up north shortly after the new year. Sentencing Recommendation. Figure he'll get half of it:. But hey, he got a nice car out of the deal. Employees of McDonald's suing for an unsafe workspace :. Hey, it could be worse. At least there isn't shit dripping from the ceilings. Great Great Program Dart. Who's running against Dart? Whoever runs has our vote already :. What's the point of having a jail to hold criminals if no criminals are ever held there?

We think Prickwrinkle and Dart could zero out a lot more of the jail budget in short order.

History of Chicago - Wikipedia

Thanks to the CWB Blog for doing the actual reporting that the lamestream media refuses to do any more. Juicy Sues Chicago. One way or the other, Crimesha's stupidity is going to cost taxpayers a shitload of money :. Anyone think this might nudge Webb's "impartial investigation" into the "Refile Charges" column? And if so, what sanctions are going to be leveled against Crimesha's incompetency? If there were any actual justice, she'd be stripped of her law license, which might cramp her reelection efforts :.

Smolletts needs to be a giant fucking anchor around her efforts. In fact, Dave Chappelle has cut an amazing campaign commercial for any of her competitors. Thanks Kid. Compare this to what they're currently teaching CPS students :. About Damn Time. Good news coming soon :. Well then, as their numbers dwindle via starvation, taxpayers will save millions. Win Win. Now how about dope testing? We have to pass a whiz-quiz to stay employed and pay for the terminally lazy.

How about a whiz-quiz to retain benefits? We don't care if they're picking up trash on the highways, raking vacant lots, or shoveling sidewalks.

Paradox takes on the Windy City with Empire of Sin

Officer Shot. This makes perfect sense now, but it was not clear then. The correct directions as indicated by the gigantic arrow were to simply cross the road and enter the forest.

Lesson 1: Pay close attention to the signs. Instead, we pounded the pavement full steam ahead for nearly 60 minutes without realizing we had possibly made our first wrong turn of the day. Servia had also experienced a minor setback while attempting to cross a flooded path. Nantahala 1, Servia's dry feet 0. Right about now we realize we are lost.

We made the executive decision that this would be the quickest way to get back on track. Lesson 2: Be aware of trail crossing markers.

Month: April 12222

We were lost and this time we could not find where we were on our map. Remember, at this point we were unaware of the fact that we had never actually started the day on Long Branch Trail. We also realized in hindsight that we had corrected our course at this point, but damn Bear Pen made us lost again We had been hiking for hours on several different trails and had no idea how to connect to the AT! It was not long until we stumbled upon trail markers which indicated that we were now on an "equestrian trail".

The horse trails appeared to have some serious potential in being able to connect us to the AT if we navigated them correctly.

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  • Sunday, November 24, 12222.

The only thing standing in our way now was a healthy running stream spanned by a pretty sketchy looking log nothing a horse could ever stand on. Being the athletes and adventurers we are, we moved on, shimmied across successfully not gracefully and eventually found our way onto the trail that would lead us to Albert Mountain. I am purposefully going to omit all the detailed whining thoughts that ran through my head as we approached the end of day 1.

We reached the observation deck on Albert Mountain with just enough daylight to set up our tent for the very first time , eat our first real "meal" of the day and briefly admire the amazing view of our surroundings. The rain had made setting up a campfire impossible so instead we wrapped ourselves up in our sleeping bags and crashed for the night. Day 2 was an unforgettable day. We woke up just before daybreak and got to watch the sun rise over the valley while truly enjoying a cup of hot coffee mine was a pumpkin spice Starbucks Via We had made it through our first night without a hitch and by hitch I mean bears.

Servia shared with me me later the she did see a mouse run across the top of our tent at one point, a trade I would gladly make. We started to break down our tent and get ready for the day.

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While we were packing, a group of hikers came up the mountain to the observation point. These were the first people we had run into on the trail. We soon discovered that they were a family who had been through hiking the Appalachian Trail for the past 7 months. They started in Katahdin, Maine and had just celebrated reaching the " mile to go" mark. Servia and I were completely awestruck. Here we were struggling after day 1 of our 3 day trip and the first people we meet had been doing this day in and day out for more than half of their year.