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High in fibre and gluten-free, this exciting, deliciously wholesome fruit and nut bar make the perfect vegetarian snack at work, after yoga or at the gym.

This is how much people love our bars

Enjoy a taste adventure with earthy beetroot and tangy apple in this delicious, softly chewy fruit bar. Make snack time exciting with the combo of coffee, cherry and dark chocolate in this delicious nut bar. Flavourful cranberries collide with crunchy almonds and peanuts, and a drizzle of delicious real dark couverture chocolate.

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Who could have imagined that wholesome snacking could be this tasty. The refreshing sweetness of pineapple fused with tropical coconut and the crunch of almonds creates a unique fruit bar. Crucially, most recent research has used much higher levels of flavanols than are available in commercial snack products. For example, the blood pressure study involved participants getting an average of mg of flavanols.

A step closer to managing fatigue

Someone would need to consume about 12 standard g bars of dark chocolate or about 50 of milk chocolate per day to get that much. She points out that most studies on chocolate and health get industry funding, but journalists generally fail to highlight this.

Toxic Chocolate — As You Sow

Research has repeatedly shown that when food companies are paying, they are more likely to get helpful results. US researchers who reviewed studies about soft drinks, juice and milk, for example, found that those receiving industry money were six times more likely to produce favourable or neutral findings than those that did not. Two of the aforementioned studies — those on blood pressure and markers of cardiovascular health — are meta-analyses, meaning they pool the results of previously published research. The problem is that science journals, like the popular media, are more likely to publish findings that suggest chocolate is healthy than those that conclude it has no effect, which skews meta-analyses.

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Most people have positive expectations about chocolate because they like it. They are therefore primed, through the conditioning effect — famously described by the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov — to respond positively. They may, for example, become more relaxed, boosting levels of endorphins and neurotransmitters, and triggering short-term physiological benefits. Many of the studies that involve people being given chocolate and tracking their health over time are short and have small numbers of participants.

This adds to the difficulties nutritional scientists have in separating out the effects of consuming one food or nutrient from the rest of their diet and other variables and interactions within the body.

Taste test: the best high street chocolate bars from milk to fruit and nut

So when and why did chocolate companies become so keen on using science as a marketing tool? The answer depends on whom you ask. During the s, scientists became interested in the French paradox — the now discredited observation that heart disease rates were low in France despite a national diet high in saturated fats. One proposed explanation was relatively high consumption of flavanols, a group of compounds found in red wine, tea and cocoa which, at high doses, had been linked to the prevention of cellular damage.

US researchers caused a stir when from around the turn of the century they concluded that Kuna people off the coast of Panama had low blood pressure and rates of cardiovascular disease because they drank more than five cups of flavanol-rich cocoa per day.

Q&A: saturated fat, your health and what the experts say

This undoubtedly stimulated chocolate industry research. This triggered a wave of media reports and negative publicity.

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  7. Some say the industry poured money into science at this time to divert attention away from west Africa. Industry figures strenuously disagree.

    Meanwhile, consumers can help make a difference by making companies aware that you take this issue seriously. If your favorite chocolate brand contains lead or cadmium, call, tweet, or otherwise ask the company to remove or reduce the heavy metals from their products. Since , As You Sow has commissioned independent state-certified laboratories to measure levels of lead and cadmium in over chocolate products available at retailers across California.


    See our FAQ for more information on how we test these products. Search, filter and sort the table by clicking on the triangles in any of the column headings. Put your chocolate on our list and consider making a donation to our chocolate testing fund.