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When a person is is a state of grace, they automatically channel Divine Love. Grace shares the abundant overflow of love. Service is the natural expression of grace and its feelings of kindness, love, compassion, radiance of joy, serenity. Grace only gives from a sense of abundance. Therefore, when one is in the state of grace, service never feels obligatory or has any trace of resentment. Many people have experienced "grace moments.

Following are more ideas about grace, listed alphabetically. Grace is to Align with the Divine - When a person lives in alignment with reality rather than struggles with illusions they are living in a state of grace. It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order. Grace is Awakening - Grace is awakening to the natural order of the universe.

Faith and Reason

This awakening allows you to understand, appreciate, and accept reality rather than clinging to illusions. Awakening to reality creates cognitive harmony, in which everything makes sense, as opposed to cognitive dissonance, in which conflicting world views collide. Grace is a prolonged "ah-ha" moment. Grace is awakening to the paradox that we can never be fully aware of reality as it is, only as we, with our limited perceptions, can see it.

This awakening may initially be perceived with terror, because at first, greater awareness can be disorienting, just as walking into the light can be as blinding as walking into the darkness. Yet expanded awareness inevitably leads to intense gratitude and actions motivated by compassion. Grace is Authenticity - "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. Grace is when you authentically acknowledge your feelings and thoughts. Grace welcomes all feelings and, paradoxically, liberates you from the impulse to act on feelings that serve anything less that the highest good.

Grace is Balance - When you are in balance, you are in grace. This balance is dynamic equilibrium rather than a steady state. Often, this balance seems a paradox: joy and sorrow, fear and love, give and take, dark and light, yin and yang. Yet as Heraclitus noted, opposites are necessary for the balance of existence: "All things come into being by conflict of opposites. Grace is Original Blessing - To be alive is the original blessing. Everyone alive today is the survivor of billions of years of evolution. Simply being aware that we are victors can lead to gratitude and the experience of grace.

Grace is Bliss - Grace is a state of being that feels like serene happiness, the ecstasy of salvation, and spiritual joy. Being in grace feels like bliss. Grace is Born Again - For many, the experience of grace feels like one is born again. One is born again when fear, anger and cynicism die and hope, faith, and charity are born.

To be born again is to be born into the realization that the power that creates the universe Nature, God supports you and that if you align with these forces, you can co-create a life of abundance and joy.

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Grace is Clarity - Grace is the ability to discern priorities from the hordes of distractions that clamor for your your attention. Grace is a process of enlightenment. Grace is Connection - Grace is the realization that you are connected immersed in perfect relationship with the ultimate source of existence. In unity with the ultimate source, you are able to let love flow through you, allowing for deeper intimacy with others.

Grace allows you to see your connections to those beyond apparent next of kin so that even as you see their flaws, you also see their divinity. Grace is the realization that all creatures share the same DNA and that all life is not only connected, but also interdependent. Grace is Courage - You are in a state of grace when, during those moments when you can see no way out of a predicament, you know that love will prevail. Even though you may feel afraid, there is so much love in your heart that you know you will not give up.

Grace is the warmth in your heart that gives you courage. Grace is Divine Love - Grace is unconditional love. Grace is the realization that the powers that create the universe support you. Grace is the experience of divine love that inevitably leads to kindness, just as inevitably as water flows downstream. Grace is Realization of Divine Way - At this moment, trillion of your cells work in unison to keep your blood flowing, providing you with oxygen and nutrients to feed your muscles and your brain so that you may sing, dance and love.

Thousands of life-sustaining chemical reactions within each cell happen billions of times each second to support your life. A complex, interrelated ecosystem ensures that oxygen is recycled, that you have food and water. A complex society gives you love, support and access to global communication networks. Although way too much to comprehend, all these events are essential for life. Grace is Effortlessness - Like falling in love, grace is effortless. Just as floating down a stream is surrendering effortlessly to gravity, grace is surrendering effortlessly to living in harmony with reality.

Grace Leads to Faith - Faith is certainty of grace despite uncertainty of circumstance. Grace is courage that knows that doubt is the doorway to discovering this faith. When you have developed the ability to thrive with grace under challenging times, you will develop faith that you can attain grace at any time. With grace, you may be uncertain about the outcome of an situation, but you are certain that your thoughts, feelings and actions will be in harmony.

Camus and Absurdity | Philosophy Talk

Grace is Flexibility - "Life puts us into endless awkward positions. Fully embraced, these become emblematic postures of Dignity and Grace. Grace is Flow - Grace is not a thing, but rather a process. It's not something you can hold, but rather something you flow with. When you are living your purpose and flowing in the here and now you are in grace. Grace does not cling to then or there. Grace is a journey with a direction, not a destination.

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  • As the ancient Tao Te Ching and modern physics tell us, reality is more like the flow of water than it is a collection of things. Grace is going with this flow.

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    Grace Flows from Source - The pattern of life, the laws of the universe, the Way, the Truth is the nature of all being. Grace happens when you follow the way the Tao with integrity Te. Grace Flows Toward Divine - The universe progresses in a direction toward greater complexity, cooperation and consciousness. This realization is shared my mystics and atheists such as Richard Dawkins who noted that human culture shows evidence of "progress of the moral zeitgeist. Grace, then, is like flowing effortlessly down a stream. In contrast to fear, which is like clinging to rocks, grace is letting go.

    When you "align with the divine" you allow yourself to be carried in the current of divine love, to flow toward grace. Grace is Freedom - Grace is spiritual freedom. It is liberation from false ideas, from the tyranny of ignorance and from the oppression of emotional turmoil. Grace is freedom to question everything and the freedom to know that not all questions have answers. Everyone can be free, few choose to be. Grace is freedom in the awareness between feeling and action. Lacking this awareness, there is only slavery to unconscious reaction.

    Grace is the liberation of the spirit from the tyranny of biological genes and of societal memes. Grace is Delight in Uncertainty - "In the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, from the prison of past conditioning. Uncertainty is the fertile ground of creativity and freedom. Grace is Friendship - Grace is friendship to self, to others and to the cosmos. Of all the paths to grace, perhaps no other is as consistently effective as the path of friendship.

    A friend gives you a glimpse the creative and loving spirit of the universe. A friend reminds you that love is the essential nature of being. Yet to have a friend, you must be a friend. And the truest friends are true to themselves. Grace is Gratitude - The word grace comes from the Latin root, "gratia," which means pleasing and is also the root of the word "gratitude. Gratitude naturally results when you become aware of the events, processes, and coincidences that must happen to support your life. It is the realization that trillions of cells in your body all coordinate to give you life.

    Grace is gratitude for our blessings, despite our circumstances. Grace is gratitude for the gift of a blade of grass, the joy of a child, and the existence of the universe.

    Loving And Living Beyond Book

    Grace is Gentleness - Grace feels like gentleness toward self, others and the world. Grace is the opposite of harsh. Grace is Beyond Happiness - Happiness is a state of mind that may be oblivious to problems, pain and conflict.

    1. Worry becomes a bad habit.

    In contrast, grace is a state of mind that acknowledges adversities and transcends them. It is joked that happiness can be found in a bottle. Alcohol numbs the pain, which rebounds when the buzz wear off. In contrast, grace clarifies the cause of the pain, thereby enabling a person to effectively deal with the source of the pain.

    Furthermore, grace is lasting and leaves no hangover or addiction.